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Team Sports at the YMCA

Staff & Board Members

The YMCA professional staff strives to provide the best programs and services possible. They work closely with both support staff and volunteers to meet the needs of the many families in our community. Please feel free to contact them any time via our main number 843-522-9622, email or their direct phone number provided below.

Board of Directors

Ralph Fuller - Past Chair

John Fontana - Chair

Brian Rose - Vice Chair

Angie Hostilo - Secretary

John (Andy) Thacker-Treasurer 

Michael Bostwick- CEO 

Christopher Bowman

Kevin Phillips

Larry Schaefer

Alison Melton

Heather Baker

Donna Dehncke

Kevin Green

Charles Mitchell

Russell Schwartz

Laurie Schwartz

Ken Brown

Othoniel Hatchett

Justin Keown

Playing around at the YMCA


Learn more about how we are giving it our all. Click the button below to view our 2023 Annual Report. 

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